McNab Ranch – Moose Road Relay issues

The many days without sun appear to have caused struggle for the temporarily solar-underpowered Moose Road relay that serves a handful of subscribers on McNab Ranch.  I imagine things will be resolved now that the sun is shining though and we’ll assess the power situation fully after the holiday. 
Thanks for your understanding and Happy Holidays
– Jacob

Electrical gremlins at it again

The site that serves many on Greenfield Ranch that has been having electrical challenges is acting up again.  It has been eating batteries for breakfast due to some mysterious phantom load.
I’m en route to run a generator again.  It’s getting old, but I’ll get to the bottom of it.
Thanks for your understanding.
– Jacob

Greenfield updat

Trecite serving many on Greenfield ranch that has been experiencing issues this morning is now running on generator power. I will be back this evening to refuel the generator, there may be a brief service interruption between when fuel runs out and when I return. as soon as the ground is firm enough for me to deliver new batteries to the site I will. Generator power will continue until that time.