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Resolved – Westport outage update

We’ve determined that the outage affecting a few subscribers in Westport has been caused by tower equipment failure.  I’m on my way to Westport to climb and replace.  Hopefully service should be restored to those affected in Westport by 5PM.
– Jacob

We’ve moved!

Effective May 1st we have moved just down the hall to Suite 202 at 776 South State Street in Ukiah.  For those that drop off payments in person, please now take a right at the top of the stairs instead of a left and head to the end of the “porch”.  There is an identical mail slot in the door.
This new set of suites provides much-needed room for our expanding operation.
– Jacob

Resolved – Hopland/McNab power outage

A large power outage between Ukiah and Hopland is impacting service for many subscribers.  Currently our McNab Ridge relay site is also without power.  Other sites in the area are on battery.  Service to those affected subscribers will resume once power is restored.
– Jacob

Resolved – Westport outage

As of 4:52 this afternoon we are experiencing trouble with our equipment serving subscribers in Westport.  I’m attempting a remote fix now.  If the remote fix is unsuccessful a site visit will be needed.
Updates to follow.
– Jacob

Running Springs emergency maintenance

This morning at around 10AM I’ll need to perform a quick bit of unexpected maintenance on a site that serves subscribers on Running Springs Road.  I expect the outage to last no more than a few minutes while I replace some failing hardware.
– Jacob

Intermittent connectivity to some sites

Today some subscribers have been reporting intermittent trouble connecting to a few websites, including,,, and others.  The problem appears to lie in another (large international) provider’s network and I am working with some of our upstream providers to route traffic around the problematic provider’s network.  It is yet to be seen if this will be entirely possible at this point, but an attempt is being made.
Otherwise, these connectivity problems should resolve themselves once the other provider resolves whatever is going on.
If you are having intermittent connectivity to a specific website today, please feel free to send the url to and it can be added to the list.
– Jacob

Resolved – Tomki/West Road outage

A site that serves some subscribers on Tomki and West Roads in Redwood Valley is currently having electrical issues.  New replacement batteries will need to be hiked in to the site in the morning .  I expect to arrive on-site by 8AM.
Thanks for your understanding.
– Jacob

Resolved – Fort Bragg outage

A power outage in Fort Bragg is affecting service to subscribers in Fort Bragg and north to Westport.  Backup batteries appear to be depleted and our backup generator has not automatically started as it should.  PGE currently is estimating power restoration at 8PM.
Thanks for your understanding,
– Jacob