Potential outage warning – Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, North Ukiah

PG&E power went out at one of our sites at 12:02 this morning that serves many subscribers in Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, and North Ukiah.  The site has been running on battery since power went out but currently is at approximately 30% remaining battery.  PG&E does not yet have an estimated time of repair for the power in the affected area.

This site is on a mountain top and due to heavy snow and many trees down across the access road, it may prove difficult for us to gain access to the site to deliver a generator if the power outage is extended.  This is a warning that service to customers served by this site may be interrupted later this morning until either PG&E power is restored or we can get to the site to start a portable generator. 

Another email will follow with estimated time of power restoration if we receive it. 

Thanks for your understanding.

– Jacob

Resolved – Fiber / Power outage – Hopland and McNab Ranch areas

​Resolved – Service was restored to affected areas at 9:3oPM

This evening around 8:30PM the fiber feeds to both the Hopland and McNab Ranch portions of our network went down simultaneously.  While there is a power outage in the Hopland area, this appears to be an outage on the fiber network we lease access upon.  We currently have a ticket open with the fiber provider but have not yet received any response. 

There is not yet an estimated time of repair for this outage.  I’ll send an update when more is known.

Thanks for your understanding.

– Jacob

Blue Lakes PG&E outage

Starting at around 12:30 this afternoon, PG&E power is out in the Blue Lakes and Scotts Valley areas in Lake County.  This has currently taken most of our Blue Lakes area offline due to our equipment there having backup power temporarily removed for upgrades.  

PG&E is currently estimating that power should be restored by 3:30 this
afternoon, at which time internet service for our customers in the area
should be restored.

Thank you

– Jacob

Emergency maintenance – Tomki Road area


Today we will be performing some emergency maintenance on a site that serves subscribers in the Tomki Road and northern part of West Road areas of Redwood Valley.  Service interruption due to this work should be minimal; I’m anticipating a service outage of fewer than 10 minutes while we cut equipment over to a new power source.

Thanks for your understanding.

– Jacob​

Westport area network maintenance – 11-9-2022

Tomorrow, Wednesday November 9th, we will be upgrading a backhaul link serving the Westport area.  The maintenance window will be from 10AM to 1PM.  While we upgrade this equipment, customer traffic will flow over a backup link.  There should be no interruption in service, though speeds will be lower than normal while the backup link is in-use.  I suspect this slow period should not last more than 20 or 30 minutes.

Thanks for your understanding.

– Jacob​

Intrusive maintenance – Parts of McNab Ranch – 10-25-2022

On Tuesday morning we will be performing equipment upgrades at a few of our sites that serve subscribers in the area of McNab Ranch.  Most of these upgrades will be non service impacting, but a few will require changing cabling and other items that will cause brief service interruptions. 

The maintenance window is scheduled between 9AM and 1PM.  I don’t anticipate any service interruptions longer than ~15 minutes at a time during this window.

Thanks for your understanding.

– Jacob

Resolved – North Coast outage

Resolved – 10-17-2022 3:25PM

Update – 10-17-2022 2:00PM

The root cause of the outage on the coastal portion of our network has been found and we are working with the various players to resolve.  Current hopeful ETR at time of writing this is 6PM today.

Thanks for your understanding.

– Jacob

Resolved – Blue Lakes fiber outage

Our fiber vendor was able to determine around 4:40PM today that there is a fiber break between Blue Lakes and Upper Lake.  They are currently sending repair crews to the location to splice and replace the damaged fiber.

In the interim, I was able to upgrade the congested backup link to Blue Lakes to allow more capacity in the area while the fiber is repaired.

We do not yet have an ETR on the fiber repair.


– Jacob

Blue Lakes fiber outage

At around 12:15 this afternoon the fiber between Blue Lakes and our head-end in Fremont went down for unknown reasons. Traffic is now flowing over a backup wireless link very slowly to the area.

I have opened a ticket with the fiber provider and will send
an update once we know more.

  • Jacob