Potential outage warning – Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, North Ukiah

PG&E power went out at one of our sites at 12:02 this morning that serves many subscribers in Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, and North Ukiah.  The site has been running on battery since power went out but currently is at approximately 30% remaining battery.  PG&E does not yet have an estimated time of repair for the power in the affected area.

This site is on a mountain top and due to heavy snow and many trees down across the access road, it may prove difficult for us to gain access to the site to deliver a generator if the power outage is extended.  This is a warning that service to customers served by this site may be interrupted later this morning until either PG&E power is restored or we can get to the site to start a portable generator. 

Another email will follow with estimated time of power restoration if we receive it. 

Thanks for your understanding.

– Jacob