How does it work?

SeaKay Broadband operates a hybrid fiber optic and wireless network to bring high-speed connectivity to our subscribers.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words (click for a larger version)……

How it works

How we access the internet

We purchase wholesale bandwidth from some of the the same transit providers that the Google and Amazons of the world do.  We purchase this bandwidth in carrier-neutral datacenters in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How we transport it North

We lease access to fiber optic lines owned by major telecommunication providers between the Bay Area and our head-end in Ukiah.  We transport our bandwidth over these lines.

How we distribute to our subscribers

We utilize a hybrid approach depending on what is (or isn’t) available near the communities that we serve.

  • Fiber-fed communities – We lease additional fiber optic lines between our head-end in Ukiah and some communities where available.  Once to the community to be served, we install high-speed microwave wireless equipment on building rooftops to distribute the service to residents and businesses in the area.  While the community is “fed” via fiber, the “last-mile” connectivity is provided over wireless.  We can provide very high speeds using this approach.
  • Wirelessly-fed communities – We operate high-speed wireless links from our head-end in Ukiah to a number of mountain tops in the area.  From those locations we both directly serve subscribers and feed other distribution points via high-speed wireless links. We can also provide very high speeds using this approach.

A majority of our wirelessly-fed sites are powered by the sun.  Solar power makes for a convenient, cost effective, highly-reliable, and sustainable way to power our equipment.


How we get the service to you

After you request service and we perform a successful site survey, we install the appropriate wireless equipment on your home or business to receive our services.  The unit installed will vary in shape and size depending on a number of factors including:

  • How far you are from one of our distribution points
  • The frequency used to deliver your service
  • Where we can mount the unit

The equipment we install ranges in size from 6″ in diameter to 24″ typically.  Here are some examples:

img_20151013_121408 img_20160216_141851 img_20160921_123801

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